Sunday School

There is a Bible Study Class for You!

The “B.I.B.L.E.” Class

The B.I.B.L.E. class or the “Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth” class is for adults young and old.  It is taught by Jim Lyons, who has been a faithful member at Bible Baptist for over 40 years.  This class  has an emphasis on taking the truth of scripture into our daily walk with the Lord. This approach helps us live the Christian life as it is taught in the Word of God.  If you are interested in learning more about how to live the Christian life then please come join us!

The Foundations Class

The foundations class is taught by Tom & Carol Boyd.  They have enjoyed teaching this class together since 2010. They started with only one class member and have seen much growth.  There are discussions each week concerning the many issues that are faced when trying to live a faithful Christian life in today’s world.  Examples Include: “Being a First Century Church in the 21st Century,” “The Joy of Church Membership in a Non-Commital Society,” and “God’s plan for Gospel Preaching to a crowd of Don’t-Judge-Me Sinners.”  This class has an open forum where questions are encouraged. We find the answers to our questions about life and faith in the Scriptures.  If you have some questions and would like some answers, then please join the Foundations class!

The Young Ambassadors Class

The class focuses on helping the young people. Youth are an important part of the membership at Bible Baptist and the decisions that they are making now, will effect the rest of their lives.  This class is taught by Mark Bullock. He is a gifted teacher who strives to sound a clear warning about the dangers of sin and the joy and fulfillment that comes from loving and living for God in your youth.  If  you have a godly passion for heading into adulthood with purpose and grace then please join the Young Ambassadors class.

The Junior Faith Detectives Class

This class is for children in fourth grade through the sixth grade.  The class is taught by Shirley Barkelow & Andrea Boyd. They help our children understand the stories of the Bible and how God gave us the stories of the lives of people in past generations for us to learn and apply to our lives today.  The children will learn to follow the Lord, and to ask the Lord for His guidance each day.  If you are a child that loves to learn, then please join the Junior Faith Detectives class.

The Son-beamers Class

The Sonbeamers class is taught by Uni Sochia & Ellen Eavner.  The class focuses on teaching children about the great stories of the Bible.  Your child will learn the Bible stories from Genesis to Revelation and get to meet other children their age.  Please join this class to gain a solid foundation for growing in a life of godliness.