Bible Study

Wednesday Night Bible Study and Prayer Service.

Every Wednesday night we get together and pray for one another, including our friends, family, church, and country.  After the time of prayer we have a Bible study.  We usually go through the passages in an entire book of the Bible and we learn how to apply these truths to our lives.  This hour allows us to learn the clear message of each of the books of the Bible, but also apply those messages to our lives.  The Wednesday night Bible study starts at 7:00pm.

Thursday Night Bible Study

Each Thursday night we have a Bible study.  We get together at one of our member’s home and eat a meal. Then we study a passage of scripture.  This Bible study is an open forum where questions are asked and discussed.  The meeting really helps our members to fellowship together and grow in the Lord. These Meetings are at changing times and places each week, so please ask about where and when this Bible is meeting and you can be placed on the list of contacts that receive notification.

One-on-One Discipleship

Jesus used the discipleship model for training His followers.  We believe that His method is the best method.  We take time to teach new converts or young Christians about the doctrine of the Bible in this Biblical way.  If you are interested in one on one discipleship then please email or call Pastor Cuozzo. The Scheduling is flexible.